Concrete Maintenance

Protect Your Investment With Regular Concrete Maintenance! Our professional team provides a wide range of concrete maintenance services to ensure the longevity and durability of your investment. Don't wait until costly repairs are needed; schedule regular maintenance today for peace of mind and prolonged value.


Why do i need to maintain my concrete?

Concrete is a strong, long-lasting material, but that doesn’t mean it's indestructible. One of concrete’s greatest enemies is water. In the Michiana climate, it can be even more brutal with freeze-thaw cycles that can cause water to melt, freeze, and repeat. When this happens, water seeps into the concrete and freezes, expanding the space. This can cause cracks, spalling, and other weaknesses in the concrete. Deicing chemicals and other ice-melting products, such as salt, can cause the surface of the concrete to deteriorate.

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Regular concrete sealing and caulking will prevent water or deicing chemicals from causing harm to your concrete.


Cleans the surface of concrete to refresh its appearance. Also helps to remove any stains.
Robert Geans Concrete | Concrete Solutions

Concrete Maintenance Program

If you don’t want to worry about the health of your concrete, let’s set up a maintenance program! Yearly maintenance is recommended to maintain and protect your investment; however, you can decide how often you’d like maintenance, and there is no commitment. This program includes power washing, resealing, and caulking, so your concrete will always look its best.

if it’s cracked or stained, we can fix it!

Let’s protect your investment with regular concrete maintenance.