From standard lakes to local rivers throughout Michigan and Indiana, Robert Geans is capable of building effective seawalls for them all!


What is a seawall

Concrete Seawalls are a form of coastal defense structure that protects the shoreline from erosion caused by water. We specialize in Seawalls for commercial or residential purposes, such as boathouses, waterfront properties, marinas, and more.

Robert Geans | Seawall
Robert Geans | Seawall

Concrete Seawalls protect your shoreline from erosion caused by water. If you have a waterfront property, seawalls ensure that you don’t lose any of this property over the years due to water erosion or flooding.


We install seawalls with a degree of slope to combat ice expansion against the seawall. We additionally work with angled walls to allow marina life to use seawalls as entry and exit points.
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Let’s protect your concrete with a commitment free maintenance program

We recommend a 3-year maintenance program. You decide if your budget would allow yearly or bi-yearly to provide maintenance through power washing, resealing, and caulking your concrete.

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If you’re wondering how much concrete seawall you need, don’t worry! Through our free estimates, we’ll determine exactly what you need to protect your property for years to come.